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Press Release - zenDine

Veltech Global
20/07/2023 11:44 AM



Tokyo, Japan - 7/20/2023

Veltech Global, a leading name in the tech industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest innovation, zenDine. Marking a significant stride in the restaurant discovery space, zenDine has been designed specifically for foreign residents and travelers in Japan as well as local restaurant partners, aiming to connect these two sectors in a way that's never been done before.

zenDine is an English language platform where users can discover and explore restaurants, view menus, and arrange dining experiences across the length and breadth of Japan. The unique offering allows restaurants to increase their visibility and customer engagement like never before, by leveraging the accessibility and efficiency of digital platforms.

"This is an exciting development for Veltech Global," said Veronica Lobanow, Co-Founder of Veltech Global. "With zenDine, we are not just enhancing the dining experience for foreigners in Japan, but also providing an invaluable tool for restaurant partners. We're taking the traditional paper menu and moving it to a more accessible and efficient platform, all in English. This breaks down language barriers and makes it easier for restaurants to reach a wider audience."

The zenDine platform is set to revolutionize the way foreign residents and travelers in Japan connect with the country's diverse and fascinating culinary scene. It's not just a restaurant directory, it's a bridge between cultures, an amplifier of culinary experiences, and a driver of business growth for our restaurant partners.

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About Veltech Global:

Veltech Global is a renowned name in the technology industry, known for its forward-thinking solutions that are designed to bridge gaps and foster connections. Committed to innovation and excellence, Veltech Global's products and services consistently aim to make lives easier and more connected.

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